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    Duluth, MN

    John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon A tradition that goes back from before history began, the John Beargrease is an annual tradition you won’t want to miss as mushers take the line from Duluth to Canada!

    Aerial Lift Bridge  This bridge is Duluth’s biggest, most impressive, and most important Landmark. Built over 100 years ago, the bridge lowers and raises over 5,000 times a year. It connects Canal Park to Minnesota Point (Park Point), which is a neighborhood and 7 mile beach island.

    North Shore Scenic Drive Minnesota State Highway 61 is a stretch of road that  hugs Lake Superior’s North Shore. It runs from the junction of Interstate Highway 35 and Minnesota 61 in Duluth and continues northeast to its northern terminus at the U.S.-Canadian border near Grand Portage. Wikipedia

    Canal Park You cannot miss this area of Duluth during your visit. Infact you might be sleeping there in one of the fantastic hotels that overlook the lake and downtown. With more shops and restaurants available than you could ever get to in one weekend, Canal Park is a must-see area of Duluth, and also a neighbor of the Vista Fleet and Great Lakes Aquarium. More on Canal Park here.

    Thompson Hill Info Center On your way in or out of town, don’t miss Thompson Hill Info Center, another great vantage point for breathtaking views of the city and lake. Meanwhile, you can pickup brochures and information for all of the attractions in the city.

    Skyline Parkway Want to try out the most scenic and exciting drive, maybe in the entire world? Duluth has it, and its called Skyline Parkway. It wraps along the “top of the hill” overlooking the city and winding its way around. A few locations have stopping points to get out, stretch and take in the views.   More fun things to do can be found at: