Surface of the Lake

I saw it today for the first time this season and it reminded me how much people love the water.  Driving on Scenic Hwy 61 from Duluth to Two Harbors, along the shore of Lake Superior on the first “real” spring day after the ice went out, they were everywhere.  Boats!  An armada of fishing boats, several cabin cruisers, canoes and even some adventurous kayakers dotted the calm waters just off shore. They were basking in the sun that made sparkles dance on the surface of the lake.

This explains the popularity of Duluth and I wondered how long it will be until the Vista Fleet starts running their excursions. As one of the city’s best attractions, it won’t be long.  (Friday May 3, 2019)

There’s the first robin, the arrival of the first saltie of the shipping season and the beginning of the Visita Cruise schedule.  It’s springtime in Duluth!