Summer Plans on the Railroad – By Josh Miller

Our upcoming summer season on the North Shore Scenic Railroad currently has 627 excursion trains scheduled to operate on the Lakefront Line, and reservations have been steady this winter with people making plans for summer. A few modifications to our schedule, along with some new offerings have sparked interest from the public in our upcoming season on the North Shore Scenic Railroad.

Josh MillerOne of our new offerings is the “Caboose Crewz Package” – similar to other caboose rides in the past, this is a formal package that sells one ticket per trip, for up to 10 people, to ride on the Duluth Zephyr excursion. Snacks included! This is a unique offering, found rarely in the excursion railroad industry that we are able to offer… and debut this year. Who doesn’t love a caboose?!

Perhaps one of the most major changes this year will be that The Duluth Zephyr (formerly called the Lester River Train) will become a 75 minute ride, and will no longer go all the way to Lester River, but instead to the Lakeside siding, where it will perform a runaround and return. This will remove the reverse/shove movement that the trains used to do, and allow us a little flexibility in the day’s schedule.

Thomas and Percy will be back this year, a week earlier than normal. July 26-28 and August 2-4 will be the Day Out With Thomas. It was moved up a week this year because “Tall Ships” (now called “Festival of Sail”) that will be in Duluth the week following in August. There just aren’t enough hotel rooms in Duluth for summer. However, your railroad has partnered with the event in offering combo tickets to guests of the “Festival of Sail” to ride the train too.

A lot of fun is ahead this year on the railroad. Our first public excursions start in mid-April this year, with a packed schedule that will go to the end of October. All Aboard!