First Ride Experience in Duluth

Looking for fun stuff to do around Duluth??? Well, we have the best solution to that right here!! All you need is a great outfit, and a Must See Duluth pass. With this incredible deal you will be able to visit 3 major destinations in Duluth for the price of just 2. Just a few minutes apart, these destinations can be visited at one go — “Park once, Enjoy three”. 


The Must See Duluth pass includes the Vista Fleet, North Shore Scenic Railroad, and Great Lakes Aquarium. Besides this adventure being entertaining and fun, it’s also educational and informative. The Great Lakes Aquarium offers a lot of different activities throughout the week where you can spend jolly time with your family. Moreover, the North Shore Scenic Railroad is great way to acquaint with the historical aspects of Duluth, as the trains’ 90 minute excursion is supported by an audio of interesting facts about Duluth and its monuments. It’s a great way to connect and enjoy the summer in Duluth. The train offers distinct compartments decorated and organized differently to please, suit and enhance the traveler’s’ experience.


The train excursion is the best way to start your Duluth sightseeing. You can enjoy your summer like I did on a weekend. Started off at the North Shore Scenic Railroad on a Saturday and made an amazing memory to keep. I then went over to the Great Lakes Aquarium (open everyday 10 am to 6pm) and saw real seahorses and jellyfish. I saw a great volcano illustration right at the beginning of my tour followed by several informative and fun exhibits. In addition, I also was able to see and touch the sturgeons in the Aquarium’s touch pool. Later, I saw clownfish and blue tangs (Nemo and Dory) , and also the river otters who were playing and cuddling.


Being my first time in Duluth visiting these incredible places, I am left in awe. I am a Junior at the College of St. Scholastica, and will be interning this summer with Must See Duluth pass venture. However, I am an International student here in Duluth,MN, which entitles me to be a tourist in this beautiful city. The fact that I love travelling and learning about new places, adds great value to my touristing experiences. I will be riding and writing more about the same this summer, so stay tuned. I plan to take a Vista cruise soon and share my experiences with you folks. Until then, get your deal at to visit these 3 major Duluth destinations and plan your summer in this beautiful city.

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