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Lake Superior is Huge

Lake Superior is 350 miles long and 160 miles wide! It holds over half the water in the Great Lakes system. It is the largest, deepest, coldest and cleanest of the 5 great lakes. It is the largest inland body of water by surface area anywhere in the world. Russia’s Lake Baikal (pronounced-Bi-call) is the largest by volume.

The water contained in Lake Superior could cover the entire North American Continent in an average depth of 3 feet of water. The Empire State Building could stand at the deepest point and still be covered by 100 feet of very cold water. The average temperature of the lake is 40 degrees Fahrenheit, and the best time to go swimming believe it or not is in September. The reason being the heat from the summer months warms it up to the comfortable temperature. There are several good swimming places in Duluth including Park Point Beach located across the Areal Lift Bridge.

Lake Superior is also the resting place of more than 350 ship wrecks the most famous being the Edmund Fitzgerald, in 1975.

During the shipping season ocean going vessels also come to Duluth. Some will be anchored out in the lake for a period of time waiting for a dock or a specific cargo to arrive in the port. They come across the Atlantic ocean, enter the St. Lawrence seaway in New York, and travel through the Great Lakes and arrive here in Duluth-Superior.