A City with lots of Options

By Josh Miller

I’m a transplant – moved to Duluth 12 years ago from the Twin Cities. Ever since I was a kid, I thought about living in Duluth. This was due mainly to the great memories I had as a child coming to Duluth on family vacations. It seemed like there was so much to do and see.

When I first moved to Duluth, I was surprised how little there actually was going on in terms of events. Sure there was all the great attractions, which I made no delay at experiencing, but the concert parks were relatively quiet aside from a few big concerts.

Things have changed greatly in just the past 10 years. Now the hotels are full on almost every weekend. The concert park has a full lineup of events that run all year long, almost every weekend. And the attractions operate on longer hours and expanded tours.

Today, I’m the manager for the North Shore Scenic Railroad at the Duluth Depot. I work with a small team of staff and a large army of volunteers that operate the railroad excursions that run daily all summer and fall. The historic trains we operate on are in amazing condition considering their age, and it doesn’t take a whole lot of imagination to take your mind back to a previous generation that only traveled by trains or horseback.

As with any visit to any city, you as a visitor has a lot of choices to make. Duluth offers a long menu of options… and many more today than only a few years ago.

The Must See Duluth Pass was perhaps ahead of its time when it was first dreamed up by Duluth visionary Monnie Goldfine. He created the Must See Duluth pass as a combination ticket that would extend a discount offer to the end user (you) while solving any kind of complexity or confusion that comes with visiting a city like Duluth. It is the three biggest and best attractions in the city, all in a partnership, offering the pass to visitors.

The Discount Pass, known as the Must-See-Duluth pass, or sometimes called the Duluth Pass, is a meant to be a solution for you in the complex and busy city you’re visiting. So take advantage of this pass for the Vista Fleet, Great Lakes Aquarium, and North Shore Scenic Railroad.