3 Reasons Why Must See Duluth is Better than Must See TV

Does anybody else remember Must See TV? That’s what NBC used to call their comedy lineup in the 80s and 90s. And it truly was must see. Cheers? Seinfeld? Friends? Veronica’s Closet? OK, maybe not that last one. But the rest of those shows truly were “must see” events.

Now Duluth has its own version. It’s called the Must See Duluth Pass. It covers a ride on the North Shore Scenic Railroad, a cruise on the Vista Fleet and a visit to the Great Lakes Aquarium. Those are three “must see” attractions on the shore of Lake Superior.

And here’s three reasons why Must See Duluth is Better than Must See TV:

  1. Must See TV was passive. It was a thing that happened to your eyeballs. Must See Duluth is an adventure! Each activity involves your whole body and mind. You’ll make memories that will last you a lifetime.
  2. Must See Duluth is a great deal. This ultimate Duluth discount pass gives you three great attractions for the price of two. Not coincidentally, they’re three of the most popular attractions in Duluth. (We already mentioned that they were must see, didn’t we?)
  3. Did you read the list of those three attractions? There’s not a Veronica’s Closet among them.

So leave that screen behind and pick up a Must See Duluth Pass for your next trip to Duluth!